FEC101 Aug 31, 2016

101 by mp236 at 6:04 in a rain/wind storm with 805 & 822. Jim and  cab with full house
saluting and ECH waving white from the 822 window to my sparklers from our front
porch. A wet hot train of IM with lots of UPS, a KLLM, 2 Ashley, lots of FEC blue
containers double stacked and a Cronos as caboose with a green frog. Appears that
EOT, Fred or frog has been changed from red to neon green, or florescent green.
Sorry to have missed Tommy with 202 by a few minutes.
One nice feature Caboose pointed out, is how nice to be on our porch instead of holed
up in a vehicle in the rain at mp216.
Anita and Caboose

FEC101 Aug 31, 2016 vid link:

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